D4 Creator SWERY65 Announces His Return to Game Development, Opens White Owls Studio

D4 Creator SWERY65 Announces His Return to Game Development, Opens White Owls Studio

Taking a break for health reason, retiring from his previous studio, and even becoming a Buddhist monk, D4 Creator SWERY65 is back with a brand new studio.

Today Deadly Premonition and Dark Dreams Don’t Die (D4) Creator Hidetaka Suehiro, also known as SWERY or Swery65, announced his return to active development with a new studio named “White Owls.”

The studio is located in Osaka, and an official webpage has also been opened. You can find it here. SWERY and his team are currently working “very hard” on their first game, but they’re not ready to announce it yet.

The slogan of the studio, that was officially opened on January 11th, is “From Osaka to all of YOU around the World!” and the team appears to be purposely aiming to deliver a local flavor to a worldwide audience.

To accompany the announcement, DualShockers was sent a press kit including the studio’s logo, an illustration representing the “White Owl” and a few pictures of SWERY himself with said white owl and his well known monkey mascot Sharapova. You can see them all at the bottom of the post.

In November 2015, SWERY announced that he would be taking a break from game development for health reasons, to recover from reactive hypoglycemia. After that, on October 31st, 2016, he officially announced his retirement from his former studio, Access Games.

And as a personal note, as someone who really enjoyed most of his game, I’m extremely happy to hear about his return.

The announcement includes a greeting from SWERY himself, and you can read it below.

“Hello,and nice to meet you. I’m the president and CEO of White Owls, SWERY.

White Owls is a small development company that was born in Osaka on November 1, 2016. Our slogan is “From Osaka to all of YOU around the World,” and we’re working day and night to create completely unique things that no one’s ever seen before.

Deep meaning exists in the name ‘White Owls.’

In Ancient Greece, owls were called sages of the forest, and thought to be servants of Athena (Minerva), the goddess of wisdom.

Their eyes can pierce the darkness, and their ears can hear sound in 3D. Their wings allow them to silently catch their prey, and their powerful claws can effortlessly tear through even the toughest of bodies. There is also an Albino species of owl clad in sheer white fur which possesses an especially mystical quality.

We at White Owls hope to keep growing until we can someday evolve into a similar type of mystical entity.

We’ve only barely taken our first breath, but we hope you’ll keep an eye on us as we embark along our journey.”

Sharapova, labeled While Owls “PR Rep,” also delivers her own greeting:

“Ooh ooh ahh ahh! Ooh ooh ah!

Oooooh… Ahh! Uki-uki! Ooh ahh! Uki-ki-ki!”

No. I’m not pulling your leg.

Last, but not least, get a description of the logo that represents the studio.

“Our logo, which is composed of a circle, triangle, and a spiral, may look simple, but represents the passion of all our founding members.

For the white background and the gray color that accents it, we used shironeri and suzuiro, which are both traditional Japanese shades. This logo is meant to show how we at White Owls are going to work our hardest to keep the good traditions from Japanese game design in our hearts, while also striving to create a golden ratio that will allow our work to reach the entire world. “

Incidentally, if you want to see SWERY in action, you can check out this little lovely documentary/interview in which he leads us around Osaka, plays games and gets tipsy.

Incidentally, one of SWERY’s favorite bars in Osaka is named “Owl’s Nest.” Can’t help wondering if there is a connection here, especially since the bar and its owner Gen Hamada have been a source of inspiration  for the developer’s games.

Welcome back, SWERY!