Da Capo 3 R Gets Details for the Magical and Adorable Heroine Ricca Greenwood

Da Capo 3 R Gets Details for the Magical and Adorable Heroine Ricca Greenwood

MangaGamer gave an update on the romance visual novel Da Capo 3 R, coming to PC-via Steam (all-ages) and MangaGamer (x-rated) on January 20. Currently, the game is available for pre-order on MangaGamer.

This will be the first in a series of updates providing details on the main heroines of the game. First off we have Ricca Greenwood who is an incredibly strong “Category 5” mage. She’s travelled across Europe several times over the years, making her the most experienced mage in the group.

The publisher details further:

She’s older than one might expect as well, having personally attended the very first theater performance of Peter Pan. She’s proud, confident in her actions and her appearance, and sometimes willful or whimsical too. She’s not afraid to pursue something she desires, and she does so earnestly. On the other hand, she’s also very caring, responsible, and she looks out for as many people as she can. This contrast is often expressed in her commonly saying “it’s a pain”, which may sound lazy, but actually comes as an expression of the trouble she puts herself through to do what’s right.

She’s more than just her strong exterior, though. With all the experiences she’s lived through comes all the weight and burden of those memories—a weight she carries alone. Her desire to honor one such memory both drives and binds her, but growing to understand that will require becoming close to her. Also, despite all the experiences she’s been through, love is something she’s only witnessed between others. She’s never experienced it for herself, and it causes her to have a few timid moments where it’s concerned. Though, those moments only highlight how cute she can be. Beneath all the weight she bears, she’s actually very expressive too.

Additionally, players will get to know more and more about Ricca throughout the story and might find out that she is “willing to take the lead and tease a bit of her own”.

Ricca is voiced by Seri Nazuna (Honoka in Love Live, Malga in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere).

The publisher concludes her introduction with:

Her reincarnation in the prologue as Morizono Ricca carries much of the same attitude, save for a few differences. Though she’s the only one with clear memories of their past lives in London, no one believes her. Just as memories remain, her love spans time itself and she recognizes her prior self’s lover at first glance, and proclaims to all that they’re destined to be together again. Often teased about that romantic side of herself, her emotions show through a bit more and that leads her to pout or show her anger as easily as she expresses her love.

You can check out some screenshots of Ricca below: