Daemon x Machina is Everything Anime Mecha Fans Could Wish for On PC

Grabbing Daemon x Machina on PC is definitely a great investment if you like anime, mecha games, and both mixed together.

By Iyane Agossah

February 18, 2020

Daemon x Machina was first announced in June 2018 on Nintendo Switch by Marvelous. I was pretty hyped right then, as Macross‘ Shoji Kawamori was handling the mecha design. He is one of the best mecha designers and authors there is and definitely holds a top spot when it comes to sci-fi authors whose works inspired others.

When the game’s first demo launched, however, it felt like a cold shower. The game wasn’t nearly as exciting as I hoped, and had many small, annoying problems. Luckily, Marvelous greatly improved the game by meticulously listening to players’ feedback, proving once again such early demos can be quite useful. A few months after its Switch launch in September 2019, Daemon x Machina now landed on Steam, ready to be enjoyed by anime mecha fans on PC.

After spending multiple hours on Daemon x Machina’s PC version, I can affirm it only brings advantages compared to the Switch version — unless you absolutely prioritize the Switch’s portability and might have even grabbed the Hori Daemon x Machina Joy-Cons. Playing Daemon x Machina on PC means you can try the game out with your favorite controller or the old keyboard and mouse combo. And let’s not forget the most important point: unlike Steam, playing online on Nintendo Switch is an absolute chore. This should definitely enter your calculations, as Daemon x Machina features online versus, online co-op against giant bosses, and online exploration co-op of labyrinths, netting you rare parts for your mecha. Sadly, I have yet to extensively try all multiplayer modes as I’m writing this. Finding other players in free matchmaking is currently quite hard, possibly because of geographic range restrictions to avoid lag, and not that many people would buy such a niche game at launch in France (where I am located).

I’ve been describing Daemon x Machina as an anime mecha game because underneath its armored core, that’s what it is. Starting the game, you’ll be quickly introduced to numerous factions and characters designed by No More Heroes and Fire Emblem Awakening‘s Yusuke Kozaki. All of these characters are walking stereotypes or references to famous mecha anime characters, and you’ll definitely have a hard time remembering them all at first.

However, Daemon x Machina has the mark of good Japanese games, where initially stereotypical characters all turn out to be quite interesting and unique in the long run. The main story, distilled through many missions, and the way the story itself is screenplayed and written, also gives the whole experience an episodic anime feeling.

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If you’re into seiyuu, anime, mecha, and analyzing how your landing recovery time shifts depending on your new loadout, Daemon x Machina is what you always wanted. I personally believe you’ll have a much harder time getting into the game and appreciating its gameplay possibilities if you don’t indulge in its story and characters as well. Especially seeing you need to learn Daemon x Machina. It’s not as time-consuming as fighting games, and won’t necessarily require you to surround yourself with rivals and constantly analyze match videos, but it’s similar.

All of this is why I’m qualifying Daemon x Machina as an anime mecha game and a really great one at that. If you believe this isn’t for you, seeing the game’s current price tag of $54, I’d suggest waiting for some bigger deals first. Otherwise, I’d absolutely recommend it.

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