Daemon X Machina Adds Suzaku and Lancelot from Code Geass

Code Geass' Spinzaku is getting in Daemon x Machina seeing both works feature rollerblading mecha.

Nintendo and Marvelous revealed Daemon x Machina is getting a collaboration event with Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion. Players are now able to pick a skin to make their Arsenal look just like Code Geass‘ most popular Knightmare Frame, the Lancelot. A character skin to look like its pilot Suzaku Kururugi is also available. Both were showcased in a short video I’ve included below. This Code Geass content is distributed via free DLC.

Sadly, just like the Eureka Seven collab which adds Nirvash and Renton, it’s only available in the Japanese version of the game.

This is pretty nice and it makes sense as Code Geass is the most popular anime featuring rollerblading mecha. The Arsenal mecha in Daemon x Machina move the same way on the ground. Maybe they’ll add a Votoms collab next. We’ll know when the third and final collab will be revealed on November 28.

We reviewed Daemon x Machina if you’re reading that without knowing about the game. Daemon x Machina will also be getting multiple updates in the following months. New coop missions are coming in November, and a brand new coop mode with new rules is coming in December, along with new weapons, parts, and bosses.

Code Geass recently got some new sequel movies. I’m not particularly interested in a sequel though, and I think the original anime ended fine, so I didn’t watch it yet. I’m curious about it though, so if I ever watch it, I’ll just consider the movies don’t exist if I’m dissatisfied with their story developments. I’ll be definitely mad if one of my favorite character like Nunally end up dying.  I definitely want to see Lelouch again though, assuming he appears in these movies. In any case, you should watch the original Code Geass anime seasons if you haven’t yet, they’re really good.

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