Daemon X Machina Demo Feedback Trailer Details Every Improvement

Daemon X Machina Demo Feedback Trailer Details Every Improvement

Daemon X Machina's new demo feedback trailer shows players how much of their feedback given during the demo was incorporated into the game.

After the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct earlier today, a new trailer was revealed for Daemon X Machina. But this one is a little different. Remember that demo the development team at Marvelous released in February, in which they asked for player feedback afterward? (The same demo we at DualShockers enjoyed very much.) It’s looks as if the team took it very seriously, as the trailer details all the changes and improvements made to the game since then:

It’s insane and wonderful to see how extensive the modifications to Daemon X Machina are. Below is a list of all the changes made to the title:

  • New equipment allows you to lock-on enemies. When equip camera will track any enemies that have been locked-on to.
  • Enemy health bars have been added during boss and Arrsenal battles.
  • Equipment can now be scavenged from defeated enemies from further away. You can also steal equipment while hovering.
  • Indicators now show which direction enemy fire is coming from
  • Motion controls have been added for aiming — you can tune sensitivity, or turn them on or off, in the Options menu
  • If you hold the attack button while reloading, your weapon will start firing as soon as the reload is complete
  • By default the R button is used for boosting and the Y button fires auxiliary weapons. You can change button configurations in the Options menu
  • The initial velocity in which you ascend and descend min-air has been increased
  • The pause after you attack with a close-range weapon has been shortened. Attacks now feel more forceful thanks to additional sound effects
  • You’re no longer forced back into the mission area if you step outside. Now you’ll fail the mission if you leave the mission area for two long or continue past the red boundary marker

Other smaller but no less important improvements include: radar visibility increased, improved visibility of smaller enemies, clearer distinctions between enemies and allies, font size of text is increased, and ammo drops from enemies increased.

Daemon X Machina, which got a new and more traditional trailer during the Nintendo Direct, will now be released on September 13th of this year. You can preorder Daemon X Machina here or, if you need more convincing, see why this game shouldn’t be slept on by Nintendo Switch owners.

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