Daemon X Machina Adds Nirvash and Renton from Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven gets in Daemon x Machina with Renton and Nirvash as free DLC. More collaboration events to be revealed on November 21 and 28.

Nintendo and marvelous revealed Daemon x Machina is getting a collaboration event with Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution. This is the recent and ongoing remake of Eureka Seven made of multiple movies. The third and final movie isn’t out yet.

In Daemon x Machina, players will be able to pick a skin to make their Arsenal look just like Nirvash, and a character skin to look like Renton. Both were showcased in a short video I’ve included below. This Eureka Seven content is distributed via free DLC, and it’ll be available until November 14, 2020.

You can’t actually surf in the air like in Eureka Seven but it’s still great for mecha fans. This deal is perfect seeing Eureka Seven and Daemon x Machina both share Shoji Kawamori as mecha designers. Kawamori is one of the most prolific original authors and designers in the world.

Kawamori is one of the original creators of Transformers and Macross. He also wrote the original stories for Escaflowne (you should watch this), Aquarion, or more recently the game, stageplay and anime movie For Whom the Alchemist Exists. Kawamori worked on FromSoftware’s Armored Core series as well, which shares staff with Daemon x Machina.

Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN to cite its full name is definitely one of the best things Studio Bones ever did. It’s a really good anime which can extremely resonate with you so I definitely recommend it. I haven’t seen the Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution movies remake yet so I can’t comment on these specifically.

We reviewed Daemon x Machina and it’s pretty good. Daemon x Machina will also be getting multiple updates in the following months. New coop missions are coming in November, and a brand new coop mode with new rules is coming in December, along with new weapons, parts, and bosses.

Two more collaborations events have been announced. The second collaboration event will be announced on November 21, and the third one on November 28.

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