Street Fighter Legend Daigo “The Beast” Umehara Gets Eliminated in the Early Stages of Capcom Cup 2018

Street Fighter Legend Daigo “The Beast” Umehara Gets Eliminated in the Early Stages of Capcom Cup 2018

Daigo "The Beast" Umehara has been eliminated from Capcom Cup 2018 following two consecutive losses to USA's Punk and Korea's NL.

There are very few professional fighting game players who are as renowned, as decorated, or as feared as the infamous Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. He has been a major part of the esports seen since long before the term “Esports” had even been coined. However, at this weekend’s Capcom Cup he has found himself struggling to keep up with some of the newer younger Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players.

Playing as his main for this generation, Guile, Daigo’s opening match was against America’s Victor Woodley, better known by his screen name; Punk. The match opened up with a long-running game of footsies between Daigo’s Guile and Punk’s Karin which resulted in Punk inching his way to victory on the first round through a series of well-timed pokes which gave way to short, snappy combos. The second round progressed in a similar fashion as Punk secured the first fight.

The second fight was a swift and brutal one as Punk’s Karin unloaded a barrage of combos upon Daigo, allowing him to dominate the match and secure his second win of the first-to-three set. This aggressive stance continued into the third match and quickly finished the first round in Punk’s favor. However, the Japanese legend wasn’t going down without a fight. This match saw Daigo turn the tables with his signature confident form seeing him stopping Punk’s advances at every turn and claiming a Perfect round followed by a second runaway round to score his first point of the event.

Daigo evened the score in the following fight, forcing his opponent to struggle through wave after wave of Sonic Booms. With both fighters finally on equal footing once again, the tense match came to a close with Punk scraping through and sending Daigo into the losers’ bracket.

Although the match-up between Daigo and Punk was fantastically close, the following match against Korean Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition player NL would prove to be much more one-sided.

Playing as Guile once again, Daigo attempted to keep Cammy player NL at bay with a torrent of projectiles. However, each time NL got in close enough to land a hit, he would make short work of Daigo’s health bar. This patern continued throughout the entire matchup, seeing NL quicky eliminating Daigo from the tournament.

The Capcom Cup is still in full swing in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the top 8 scheduled to take place later today. The tournament will result in one player being crowned Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Champion 2018. You can check out both of Daigo’s matches in the videos below.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. To coincide with the major esports event, the title is currently running a free trail throughout this weekend. You can pick up a copy of the full game on Amazon.

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