Pro-Player Daigo Umehara Responds to Capcom's Decision to Ban Hit-Box Controller

Daigo Umehara, FGC pro-player, responds to Capcom's decision to ban the hit-box from Combo Breaker and gives his own insight into the controversy.

June 1, 2019

FGC pro-player Daigo Umehara recently responded to Capcom’s decision to ban the use of his hit-box controller from the Combo Breaker tournament, as well as their subsequent tweet on the matter. The original video, which was originally posted on Umehara’s Twitch account, has been subtitled courtesy of Youtuber FGC Translated:

For reference, here is the original statement from Capcom in question:

Umehara states that it’s good people are discussing the pros and cons of using a hit-box controller. Then points out that “We will inevitably have the question of how much is okay?” And that the decision will eventually default to an authority figure.


He then discusses the concept that the fighting game community has a bias toward holding certain methods as the only viable method — that paying homage to arcade sticks is important to them because it was the original way to play fighting games in tournaments. He believes that “it’s not that the input method should be arcade sticks, but that we only had that method.”

Naturally he asserts that hit-box is a better tool than the arcade stick or pad. And in the end, he believes that in order to attract more people to the fighting game community, it’s important to ban less tools for people to use.

I think this is an incredibly important discussion to have in the community and hopefully Umehara’s video on the subject matter will provide those debating with a different perspective that bears consideration.

For clarification, hit-box controllers are named after the company Hit Box, which made them popular over ten years ago. These controllers, unlike normal joysticks, handle directional inputs with the same buttons that perform attacks. This allows for better movement and easier execution of certain complex moves.

Umehara uses a GafroBox which, according to Reddit user Kelvinn1996, is a customized hit-box with a brooks audio board and SOCD cleaner (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions). This means that whenever Umehara presses left and right, only one of these inputs will be sent to the game unlike controllers without SOCD cleaners that send both inputs.

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