Daisuke Ishiwatari Beats Around the Guilty Gear Bush Yet Again

Daisuke Ishiwatari Beats Around the Guilty Gear Bush Yet Again

Game maker and legitimate rock star Daisuke Ishiwatari had lots of opinions and information to share in a recent interview. Since no journalist seems to be able to question the man without bringing up the series that arguably put developer Arc System Works on the map, Guilty Gear, it was a given that he’d be prompted for answers on a new project.

Unfortunately, as has become routine at this point, Daisuke had nothing but promises that the series is on indefinite hiatus and is not dead. I can recall at least three other times that he has said the exact same thing, most recently in May of last year.


When asked about the recent settling of legal disputes over the franchise, Daisuke replied that his team could very well create a new Guilty Gear game if they so chose, uninhibited by the issues that plagued them in the past. I find it hard to be happy about this bit because this has been a known fact for several months and I assumed that he’d have something better to say the next time he talked about the series. Something more solid. For now, devout fans are still playing the waiting game. Hit the source for the full interview, in which Daisuke discusses social and mobile games, fighting game trends and DLC.