Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka Launches on PS4, PS Vita, and PC in West With New Trailer

Arc System Works launches Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD Edition in the west along with Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka on PS Vita.

on March 7, 2018 1:21 PM

Arc System Works launched a new trailer for the release of the mech action game Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD Edition, available now on PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam, and Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka on PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe.

Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD Edition brings the Damascus Gear series to the realm of HD, where players can pilot mecha “GEAR” and fight their way through missions in order to pay off their debt.

Additional improvements to HD version of the game includes updated graphics quality as well as the effects within the dungeon themes and environments. Also, the PS4 and PC version will launch with of all the DLC found on the PS Vita version with new weapon parts and higher difficulties.

Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka tells the story of mecha humanoid robots called GEAR. After World War Four in 2050, humans lost control of the GEAR soldiers and they began to turn on the humans, turning them into robots known as RAGE. A few survivors then banded together to use the GEAR technology and fight back against the RAGE robots and reclaim Japan. After the war, a pilot inherited a GEAR mecha as well as a large amount of debt that he now has to pay off in the Arena.

You can check out the launch trailer below:

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