Dance Dance Revolution

By Christine Adviento

November 16, 2009

No this isn’t some random review of DDR or it’s latest song list (although I dig some of the music on there).

NO!  This is something way better than a DDR song list.

So, every year for the past maybe 10 years, my family and I take a trip to Reno, NV or LV, NV as a summer family vacation.  Oh the Arcade Games! Oh the ticket games!  OH LOOK! DDR!

Maybe there was a time a few years back where my knees could endure the wrath of the DDR arrows, now I’m not so sure.  Even with my well supported running shoes, I am still not sure; so much for self esteem, eh?

Hey! I can play on medium mode.  I can.  Even better that I can play on easy mode.  I didn’t stop playing because I was too embarrassed when I missed arrows or what not.  I stopped because of my knee and my knee surgery.

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So back to the whole vacation thingy.  Having been around video games and arcades a lot, I notice little things.   Maybe being a girl and my always having to look around makes me notice things.  As such:

Why do people in other arcades out of the state of California do MOST DDR players play with slippers on?

Look, I know it’s summer time.  You want to be cool (cool as in not warm or hot but cool.  Not like .. Hey.. I”m cooler than you kinda cool).  I just don’t understand the concept.

See, to me that is just a some kind of accident waiting to happen.  I have gone to tournaments and seen footage online to know that even with sneakers you can slip and fall and crack your body into pieces.  WHY THE SLIPPERS?!?!?!?  I don’t get it.

I have played DDR countless times with sneakers.  I almost slipped twice — WITH SNEAKERS!  And here you have these crazy kids wearing beach slippers playing DDR on the most difficult level; and not even getting the arrows down correctly anyways.

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