Dance Instead of T-Bag in Socom 4

Dance Instead of T-Bag in Socom 4


For all those who love a good t-bag over a victim, you’ll love Socom 4’s “built-in victory dances”. Instead of crouching, simply press O (circle) over a dead enemy and watch your dance celebration. Needless to say, this will cause a lot more game rage than ever before or perhaps more laughter? The people over at the PlayStation Blog have detailed a few dances and released a trailer which you can check after the break.

The Chicken
Sure to be a hit with fans of Arrested Development, your soldier makes chicken wings with his arms and waves them up and down, bobs his head forward and backward and digs at the dirt with his foot.

The Robot
Essentially an over-exaggerated version of what it looks like every time C3PO talks.

The Crane
Exactly like Daniel-san’s finishing move from The Karate Kid, the soldier raises both hands into the air, lefts one knee up slowly and then quickly high kicks with the other leg.