Danganronpa 3 Anime Cast Revealed, Danganronpa 2 Cast Will Not Make an Appearance

Danganronpa 3 Anime Cast Revealed, Danganronpa 2 Cast Will Not Make an Appearance

The upcoming Danganronpa 3 anime (not to be confused with the latest video game in the series Danganronpa V3) finally reveals its full cast of characters, including some of the survivors from the first game as well as some fresh faces.


The image, pictured above, shows off the wacky and unique designs well known to the franchise. It’s also nice to see Makoto, Kyoko and the other veterans a bit older now. In addition, a teaser site also opened for the anime but no new info has been posted on it as of yet.

Finally, the creator of the series Kazutaka Kodaka tweeted about the anime and gave fans some juicy tidbits (credit to inrealityadream for the translation):

Well, the Danganronpa 3 anime’s new characters have been announced. The anime skips over 2 [the second game] since we wanted to show you a new Danganronpa. 2 ended with 2, story-wise, so those characters’ story ends there.

The weekend’s trailer is by no means saying there will be a Danganronpa 2 anime adaptation or anything like that. It’s going to be about 3 to the very end, after all.


Well, I think it might be fine if 2’s characters get expanded upon in Dangan Kirigiri or Dangan Togami [two manga spinoffs] I don’t really feel like writing so somebody could…

It’s not as if I hate 2’s characters; for example, even if I wanted to depict 2’s characters after the fact, I can’t do that lightly. Not digging down deep just wouldn’t do. I don’t want to bring things to a close with just some fluffy fanservice, after all.

I made these characters myself so there’s no way I could ever hate them. Saying things despite that like “ohh, you left out 2, you hate 2’s characters” and nothing else is irritating. I don’t hate them, it’s just that since I’m not going to write them they won’t be written.

The end!

Pretty interesting information, including the fact that no Danganronpa 2 characters will be making an appearance in the anime. We also get a glimpse into the creator’s own thoughts on the second title and its representation.