Limited Edition Danganronpa V3 PS4 and PS Vita Systems Announced for Japan

Limited Edition Danganronpa V3 PS4 and PS Vita Systems Announced for Japan

Spike Chunsoft has announced today via the Japanese PlayStation Blog that limited edition Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (or New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Mutual Killing) PlayStation 4s and PlayStation Vitas will be coming to the region when the game launches next month.

Available for 33,480 yen plus tax for a 500 GB model or 38,480 yen plus tax for a 1 TB model, the PlayStation 4 version includes a slick looking Monokuma cover, an original theme, exclusive packaging, a controller, mono headset, power cord, HDMI cable, and power cable.

The Danganronpa V3 PlayStation Vita models will be available in black or glacier white and will each feature an original design of Monokuna and the game’s cast of 16 characters engraved in the back of the unit. These models will also come with their own exclusive themes, but will feature the same packaging of the PS4 model.

The PlayStation Vita models will each cost 20,980 yen plus tax and include a USB cable, AC adapter, power cord, and “printed product”, in addition to all the goodies above.

Both of the systems will be limited and are available for preorder right now. Each will release when the game launches in Japan on January 12th.

Dangnronpa V3 was announced to be coming to the West at PlayStation Experience 2016 earlier this month. A livestream alongside Gravity Rush 2 is set to broadcast on December 25th, but until then fans can enjoy a new trailer showing gameplay and features here.

All of the photos showcasing the really cool looking limited edition devices can be found in the gallery below: