Daniel Erickson Updates on Legacy System for Patch 1.2 and Beyond in Star Wars: The Old Republic

March 5, 2012

The Legacy System in Star War: The Old Republic has technically been in place since release. The leveling up process and last name activates after the first character created on a server completes chapter one.

During the SWTOR Summit, Erickson walked the live audience and over 20K live stream viewers through the future plans of the Legacy System for the upcoming patch 1.2. This will include a family tree, ship upgrades, species and class unlocks, and more. 

Some of the major points were explanations of the global unlocks. This will include character emotes, shared class buffs and  unlocking heroic abilities. For example, if you have a Sith Warrior who has completed chapter three, you will be able to use the Force Choke ability on your other characters.

Completing companion quests will unlock shorter cooldowns for Heroic Moments and will give bonus stats, such as Presence or Critical Rating. Valor and Social ranks will unlock fun bonuses, including unarmed combat buffs and being able to dance with your companions. There will also be rewards that can be purchased with in-game credits.

Possibly the biggest reaction from the crowd came from the special unlocks involving the player’s ship. These will include training and warzone dummies, a repair droid that will also sell special items for the ship droid in order to improve crafting skills and for changing the personality of the ship droid itself. There will also be a mailbox and a neutral Galactic Trade Network. For those with alts on both factions, you will be able to mail items between your entire Legacy and “bind on legacy” items.

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Sprint will be moved to level one, but some purchasable Legacy bonuses will include faster cooldowns on both quick travel and fleet passes. Advanced sprint will be either a jet pack, if you are a bounty hunter, or rocket boots for a quick dashing ability.

There will also be end-game drops of tokens that can be traded in for special low-level gear for alts. This gear will not scale and will be eventually outgrown.  Answering a few questions from the audience added insight to the future plans past patch 1.2 for adding your companions to the family trees and multi-specing .

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