Dishonored, Silent Hill Composer Daniel Licht Passes Away at 60

Dishonored, Silent Hill Composer Daniel Licht Passes Away at 60

Composer Daniel Licht passed away at the age of 60, known previously for his work on the Dishonored and Silent Hill series, and numerous films and TV.

In a career spanning several decades, composer Daniel Licht was known for an eclectic blend of music across many different mediums across film, television, and video games in recent years, with Licht having unfortunately passed this week.

In a report from Variety, Daniel Licht passed away this week at the age of 60 due to cancer, with Licht being known to the gaming industry as the composer behind the Dishonored series and several of the Silent Hill titles (specifically Downpour and Book of Memories).

Aside from his work on games in recent years, Licht was best known as the composer behind the Showtime TV series Dexter, with Licht having composed the show’s iconic theme music and scored the show for the entirety of its eight season run. Prior to Dexter, Licht had worked extensively in scoring horror films, such as films in the Children of the Corn and Amityville series, and more over the course of his career, which reaches back into the early 1990s.

On behalf of DualShockers, our condolences go out to Licht and his family, friends, and loved ones.