Dante's Inferno Not Hitting The Mid-East

Dante’s Inferno, a game based on the Divine Comedy by Dante Aliguieri, depicts the story of a Christian man and his journey through the circles of hell. The game, however, tells the tale slightly differently in which Dante, a knight of the Crusades, savagely makes his way through hell in order to free his beloved Beatrice’s soul from the clutches of Lucifer. As great as this game sounds, it seems that not everyone will be experiencing the Christian-derived game due to obvious religious conflicts.

Dante’s Inferno will not be released in the Middle East. At all. I’m pretty sure that reasons have a lot to do with obvious religious beliefs; and with that said, Electronics Arts isn’t even going to bother trying to appeal the decision, as they game would have been banned due to its Christian roots which, I’m pretty sure, no practicing child of Islam would probably not want to play. You know, because of the whole Christianity/Islam thing that’s happened. Let alone a knight of the Crusades.

But this isn’t the only game that’s received/receiving the ban hammer in the Middle East. Games depicting any form of religious artifacts have also been prohibited. For example, God of War has been banned because of the use of the word god in the title of the game. Darksiders, which also derives its story from Christian beliefs, was also banned due to its typification of both Heaven and Hell.

Sadly, some religions can’t identify entertainment, and a lot of other things for that matter, from religious fanaticism. It’s this continuous trend of extremism that will continue to perpetuate the prehistoric laws written by prehistoric men that will maintain the divide of cultural exploration and harmony. When people can’t play a fictitious video-game because an obsessive relationship to a religion, I personally believe that there’s a problem. But, then again, regardless of what a specific religion dictates, you’ll always have those who, while keeping their faith, do things which inspire glee within them. The United Arab Emirates residents who want to play Dante’s Inferno will definitely find a way to play the game. Oh yes they will.

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