Roguelike RPG Dark Devotion Launches on Kickstarter

Roguelike RPG Dark Devotion Launches on Kickstarter

Hibernian Workshop has taken its mysterious and gloomy temple exploring roguelike RPG Dark Devotion to Kickstarter seeking funds for development.

Today, developer Hibernian Workshop announced that it has taken its gloomy roguelike RPG, Dark Devotion, to Kickstarter, where it is seeking to raise $24,028.

In Dark Devotion, you play as an unnamed woman, a templar, who finds herself trapped in a dark and gloomy temple. While looking for a way out of the Temple you will take part in brutal and bloody fights against a variety of enemies, including the Temple itself which wants to end your journey.

You will meet the “lost ones” who populate it directly or through letters left behind. The further you advance through the temple, the more you will learn about it. Whether it is discovering a text or a secret room, your discoveries will provide background information and often useful or powerful items. But the Temple guards its secrets fiercely, and will make it as difficult for you to unveil them.

The Temple is described as containing many worlds, each with three or four different paths that have their own enviroments and tone. And while some are inter-connected, each time you play through the game, you will be brought on a different path. However, once you choose a path, you’re stuck with it, as every door in the Temple closes behind you.

Dark Devotion is said to contain a strong RPG influence, meaning there will be a lot of unique different weapons, armors, and relics that you will be able to experiment with. As you kill enemies, you collect a thing called Faith, which is needed to unlock secret paths, special chests, to upgrade your character, etc.

Dark Devotion has been in development for PC over two and half years. It is currently without a concrete release date. For more information on the title, be sure to check out the above-linked Kickstarter page. If you’re against reading on Mondays, then you can simply just check out a new trailer which accompanied the crowdfunding launch today.