Dark Horse's Remember Me Art Book Available for Pre-Order

By David Rodriguez

May 6, 2013

This generation has proven that no matter what genre a game is in, developers need to do whatever they can to make their game unique and stand out in the herd. In Remember Me‘s case, there are quite a few things that make it unique, one of which is the art direction. With buildings and character designs seemingly influenced by films like Blade Runner and Total Recall, Remember Me is on track to be one of the most appealing (visually, at least) science-fiction titles of this generation.

Dark Horse’s 170+ page will delve into the art of Remember Me, exploring things such as environment and character design, among the many other aspects that shape the world of 2084 Neo-Paris, the people that inhabit the city, and of course, Nilin. Included in the book are character drawings, concept art, design specs, and many other graphics.

The Art of Remember Me will be available on June 5th. Capcom has provided a few scans of the book, available below.

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