Dark and Light Delayed to 2017; Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Dark and Light Delayed to 2017; Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Today, developer Snail Games announced that its vast sandbox fantasy RPG Dark and Light, which was originally scheduled to launch via Early Access sometime late 2016, has been delayed. The RPG is now scheduled to launch via Early Access sometime in 2017, with a full launch on PC slated for sometime during Q4 2017.

According to Snail Games, the delay is due to the studio needing more time to release Dark and Light at a level that the studio can be proud of. Over on game’s official Facebook page, the developer added that it’s thankful for the community’s patience and support, and that it will have more to show in 2017.

Never heard of Dark and Light before? No problem — here’s a brief overview of the RPG that the studio has been chipping away at  for roughly 12 years.

The shattered remains of the mother planet Gaia float in stark contrast against the sky on nearby satellite planet, Alpha, serving as inescapable evidence of the dark forces surrounding the world. As a lone explorer the wilderness, you must learn to understand the terrain, available natural resources, as well as how to domesticate the local creatures and build a home. You will need to harness and control the magical energy that courses through the planet, or you risk consumed by the looming darkness that permeates throughout the planet.

As mentioned above, that is but a very brief overview of a massive game. For more information be sure to check out the game’s Steam Page and Website.

The developer also announced that while the core gameplay is in place, and most things have been finalized, it still plans to provide the following updates before the game’s final launch:

  • Additional maps – in our current build, players only have one map to explore, but as development progresses, we plan on expanding the original map as well as adding entirely new maps with new resources and wildlife

  • Even more spells! There are already 100 spells that players can master in Dark and Light, but we have plans to add additional spells and improving the ways that players can use magic to interact with other features, such weapon / armor forging and more

  • Additional servers globally and higher player caps per server

  • Cross-server PvP activities

  • Improvements to the in-game chat system, including support for voice chat

  • Improved faction-based features, including unique NPCs, building types, merchant and trade relationships, and more

Lastly, the game’s first gameplay trailer was released. You can check it out below, as well as check out the game’s first screenshots: