Idea Factory International Details Dark Rose Valkyrie’s Story, Characters, and Battle System

Idea Factory International Details Dark Rose Valkyrie’s Story, Characters, and Battle System

Idea Factory International updated the official website for Dark Rose Valkyrie, coming to PlayStation 4 Spring of 2017.

The update details two of the main characters: Asashi Sharimin who was assigned as Captain even though he is a rookie. He has defeated Chimera before he enlisted in Valkyrie Force and is slowly aging the respect and trust of his comrades. Additionally, Lance Corporal Ai Yakumo was detailed as an expressive girl who is the same age Asashi. She is blunt, strong, and a great friend.

The publisher details the story:

1929 – It was the year of the outbreak. In masses, normal people were transforming into inhuman creatures called Chimera. The cause: a mysterious virus brought to earth by a meteorite, known as the Black Garnet, which crashed there long ago.

The Chimera Virus in its beginning stages would wipe out 3% of the world’s entire population. In a state of national emergency, Japan became a closed nation in an attempt to stave off the pandemic. A covert military agency known as ACID was established to combat the remaining Chimera in the country.

Time passes. ACID establishes a special unit known as Special Force Valkyrie in order to eradicate the Chimera that threaten humanity to this day.

The battle system was also heavily detailed:

Tactical Field Battle System:

This game utilizes a battle system called the Tactical Field Battle System, in which turn order changes in real time, and allies and enemies battle mixed together. Each character’s icon will move up the Tactical Wait Gauge, and when it reaches the ACT (Turn Start Position), it will be possible to input an action.The speed of an icon is based on a character’s Speed, and an important characteristic is an icon’s movement changing in real time, not pausing even when a character executes a basic Combo.


Combos are the basic attack techniques of the Valkyrie Force, which consists of executing pre-set attacks in succession. Including the first hit, it is possible to set up to 5 Combos. After selecting the command, you can select the Combo’s Attack Level, and depending on the situation it is possible to use Combos from Lv. 1 to 3. Because you can set attacks in various combinations for each Level, it’s possible to customize them into your own battle style. In addition, there exist Riot Combos that activate special effects based on a combination of specific attacks, which easily allows you to use powerful attacks. It is possible to include a Combo effective against a particularly strong enemy in any of the Attack Levels, and use your other Combos against enemies that isn’t that one.


Asahi and Valkyrie Force have a powerful means of attacking called Arts. A characteristic of Arts is that icon movement on the Tactical Wait Gauge will stop while in use. As Combos are “attacks where time does not stop,” and Arts are “attacks where time stops,” it will become a point within battle to use each according to the situation. Arts are more powerful than combos, but as they use up AP, it isn’t suited for continual use. Like Combos, Arts also have an Attack Level, but as Arts have a set Level, there is no need to select a Level like with Combos. There also exist Arts that allow you to perform cooperative attacks with team members, and can be activated with the right conditions. As cooperative attacks are very powerful, they’re sure to be the key to victory if used effectively.


Ignition is a command that can be activated by using TP, and increases the physical strength of the user. Ignition also has an Attack Level, and its effects change depending on the level. When activating Ignition, for every turn that passes Fatigue will accumulate. If this Fatigue amount exceeds a certain value, Cool Down is selected from Commands, or a character is KO’d, the Ignition will be released.


During Ignition, the Command Overdrive will appear. By using TP and activating Overdrive, you’ll gain effects greater than with Ignition, and you will utilize the Valkyrie’s full power. By being administered a large dose of an augmenting agent, the user is able to withstand the Valkyrie’s output. As a result of Overdrive, turn order becomes faster. As turn order changes in real time, it is extremely important to increase this Speed, and if used effectively, you can take the initiative during battle. Therefore, it becomes necessary to fight strategically by watching the enemy’s movements to see what timing you should activate Overdrive.

Pursuit Attacks:

Enemies possess a Guard Gauge. By lowering this Guard value to 0, the enemy will enter a Down State, and the EX Combo that is set in the 5th slot of a Combo will activate. Also, if there is a paired character in the rear guard, there is a probability of activating a Side Attack, an extra attack by that character, and by further satisfying certain conditions, it’s possible to use an Additional Attack. Additional Attacks are powerful simultaneous attacks by all members in the rear guard. During activation, it is possible to select either attacking a single enemy, or all enemies.


Formations activate various effects for each character. The effects of a Formation are lost if even one person is KO’d. There are instances where the enemy is also in Formation and occasionally exhibits special effects. In this case, by defeating enemies and decreasing their numbers, it is possible to cancel their Formation effects. Fundamentally, Formations are set beforehand, but it is possible to use TP during battle to set it as well.

If you’d like to know more about Dark Rose Valkyrie check out our interview with the director, all about characters and story.

You can check out some of the battle screenshots below: