Dark Souls Cafe is Opening in Japan, Will Feature Exclusive Menu for First Month

on December 11, 2013 9:36 AM

Dark Souls fans, have you ever wanted to drink “Life Overflowing” while chowing down on a delicious meal of “Vegetables Cut off the Dead Cock”? Well then today is your lucky day because Japan is opening up a new Dark Souls cafe on January 6th to promote the series and the release of Dark Souls II.

For the first month of its opening, cafe customers will have access to an exclusive menu of food and drinks. After that, the menu changes to what will be the cafe’s standard menu (which is not really standard by normal means). The full menu is below, as well as a small gallery of drinks and food. For anyone interested in the cafe, it’s located about six minutes away from Roppongi station from the A2 exit.

For January:

  • Ring of Stone (Onion rings, mustard sauce and bamboo charcoal)
  • Successor of the Sun (Pasta, bacon and golden tomatoes)
  • Vegetables Cut off the Dead Cock (Salad, mustard, butter sauce, corn and paprika)
  • Life Overflowing (Drink)
  • Prayer of Healing (Drink)

Regular Menu (after January):

  • The Ephemeral Black Meat Bun (Red pepper meat bun containing squid ink)
  • Pills of Darkness Beans (Black peanuts)
  • Roasted Mushroom People (King oyster mushroom sauteed Dark Seoul style)
  • Fried Meat of Serpent People (Fried chicken thigh served with ketchup)
  • Arm of the Black Dragon Karamitto (no description given for this food item)
  • Fragments of Est (Drink)
  • Spear of Seoul (Drink)
  • Bonfire (Drink)
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