Dark Souls II Developers Give Insight into Their “Dark Intentions” in New Behind the Scenes Video

on February 26, 2014 7:19 PM

FromSoftware’s Director Yui Tanimura goes in depth about his latest work, Dark Souls II, the sequel to the original and surprisingly successful Dark Souls.

According to Tanimura, the protagonist in the sequel finds him/herself in a similar bind as the previous hero — a dark ring appears on their body, cursing them, and they must now travel while trying to find a way to cure the affliction. One of the director’s biggest concerns was keeping as many elements from Dark Souls in the second game as possible. There are two main features in this regard: a sense of accomplishment against overwhelming odds and the “loose connections players feel with other players.”

For Daisuke Satake, the Art director at FromSoftware, the most important aspect of Dark Souls is the exploration — discovering new areas, exploring the plot and backstories of each character, etc. His view is that the storyline and locations, especially when something significant happens, elicits the emotional responses from both protagonist and antagonist.

I won’t spoil the entire video but you can definitely watch the full “behind-the-scenes” look posted below.

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