Dark Souls-Inspired VR Game Left-Hand Path Marches Toward its Official Release Date

Dark Souls-Inspired VR Game Left-Hand Path Marches Toward its Official Release Date

Strange Company's Dark Souls-inspired VR horror RPG Left-Hand Path will soon be exiting Steam Early Access for an official release.

Developer and publisher Strange Company is working on a type of game that it feels been missing from the virtual reality scene. In an attempt to bring a Dark Souls kind of experience to the new gaming platform, the team has developer Left-Hand Path. Now, the team has announced when the game will be releasing.

Left-Hand Path has been in Steam Early Access for some time, but it will officially launch onto HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch devices on November 10.

Left-Hand Path is a horror RPG set in a dark castle filled to the brim with creatures that want only to feast on you. This room-scale virtual reality adventure will ask that you arm yourself with the arcane arts to further explore this place and learn the mysteries within the Well of All Rewards.

Strange Company is calling this title a “full video game” with over 15 hours of content to experience. You will need to duck, dodge, and master your magical abilities by learning the gestures necessary to cast armies of screaming skulls, flaming boulders and much more.

As for how this title borrows from Dark Souls, Hugh Hancock, the name behind Strange Company, believes that fans of the franchise need only play Left-Hand Path to see its similarities.

Dark Souls changed everything in game design, and I felt strongly that VR needed an experience that captured the ‘Souls-like’ essence. Fans will recognize the atmospheric environment, subtle storytelling, and the ever punishing gameplay of the genre in Left-Hand Path.”

Left-Hand Path will launch onto HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on November 10. The developer claims that the game is capable of running on any PC or gaming laptop that supports VR.

For more information on the game, you can visit its Steam page or the developer’s website. Below you will find the most recent trailer released for the game.