Dark Souls Modder Labored in the Hunter’s Workshop to Bring it Bloodborne Weapons

That shield looks equally worthless to the actual one in Bloodborne... Good Hunter.

on July 31, 2017 8:41 PM

It’s unlikely that Bloodborne will ever come to PC, but that doesn’t mean the Souls community won’t at least try. It’s certainly not the full game, but a Dark Souls modder has found a way to give PC players a taste of what they’re missing with a mod that allows certain Bloodborne  icons and accompanying 3D models to appear in Dark Souls.

According to modder Abject’s notes, the mod allows the Dark Sword to be replaced by the Saw Cleaver, the Light Crossbow to be replaced by the Blunderbuss, includes a rather humorous Bloodborne Shield, and all accompanying on-screen icons for each. The mod also provides the Bloodborne HUD. It’s not much, but this mod certainly includes some of the most iconic weapons in Bloodborne, a game that everyone knows is just about making a fashion statement.

The mod is called BloodSouls, and the full mod notes can be found on nexusmods. Below is a gallery of images displaying the changes made to Dark Souls using the BloodSouls mod.

In related news, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe recently announced that a limited edition vinyl collector’s set of the Dark Souls trilogy’s soundtrack will be made available this Fall.

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