UPDATE: Dark Souls Release Date Revealed?

UPDATE: Dark Souls Release Date Revealed?


UPDATE: Another release date for Dark Souls has appeared. This time the German Amazon.com lists Dark Souls as releasing on October 14, 2011. This is a modest difference from September but is further into late 2011. Which one is to be believed?

The spiritual successor (not sequel) to Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, has been teased by From Software as releasing in late 2011. The only concrete information we have is the title will be available for the PS3 and 360 and will be “immensely” harder than its predecessor. I know that sends chills up my spine too. Luckily, video game rental giant, Gamefly, has released a possible street date for Dark Souls. Now we have an idea on when to get a new television set since our current one will most likely get a controller through it. It’s a love hate thing. Regardless, the picture after the break has made me potentially happy.


September can be considered late 2011 to some people, but this release date is NOT a confirmation. (Though Gamefly did correctly state when Motorstorm Apocalypse was expected to reach retail since the earthquake.) What usually happens with big corporations, and in this case video games, is the developers tell the business when to expect shipments for an item. The business (Gamefly) then posts that shipment date as the release date in some cases. (Or they just like to screw with us.) Again, unless a developer announces a video game’s release date, nothing is confirmed. Anyone actually think this release date is legit?