Bandai Namco Taps the Community to Bridge Dark Souls: Remastered and Sequel in Trailer

Bandai Namco Taps the Community to Bridge Dark Souls: Remastered and Sequel in Trailer

Stepping in to explain the lore of From Software's Dark Souls: Remastered, VaatiVidya has teamed up with Bandai Namco in a new trailer.

With the release of Dark Souls: Remastered, plenty of newcomers will want to check out the later series. And with the help of the community, publisher Bandai Namco is looking to bridge that gap. In a new trailer, YouTuber VaatiVidya points out the links between the new release and Dark Souls 3.

Seen in the video below, the Dark Souls: Remastered trailer is quick to point out some comparisons. However, first comes the disclaimer that these statements aren’t the official canon of the Souls universe; instead, they are simply VaatiVidya’s interpretations.

The trailer transitions between different sections of Dark Souls 3 and Remastered, offering comparisons of both areas and characters that have survived the ages. From there, the video discusses (among other things) the following:

  • Abyss Walkers
  • the Cathedral
  • Firelink Shrine
  • Andre the Blacksmith

If you’ve never heard of VaatiVidya, you may be new to the broader Souls-like community. He’s made a living on doing lore-based videos of developer From Software’s works. So when pulling anybody from the community to partner with, it is no wonder that Bandai Namco teamed up with him.

This is far from the only comparison piece that Bandai Namco has put out regarding Dark Souls: Remastered. Earlier this week, the publisher focused on what the new enhancements consisted of between the original and remastered version.

Dark Souls: Remastered is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One; the game will be making its way to Nintendo Switch eventually. While all version’s of the game were initially coming out in May, the Switch version was delayed to Summer 2018. However, don’t let that stop you from pre-ordering the first portable entry into the Souls universe via Amazon.

To check out all the lore plotlines between Dark Souls: Remastered and its latest sequel, make sure to check out the trailer below:

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