Dark Souls: Remastered Shows Graphical Improvements in Comparison Video and Details

DualShockers delivers a comparison video between Dark Souls: Remastered on PS4 Pro and Dark Souls on PS 3 along with new details.

With the announcement of Dark Souls: Remastered, many fans are wondering what has been added or updated in the game’s systems and features.

Luckily, we are here to not only lay all the new features out for you, but we also put together a short comparison video of the first dungeon showing gameplay from the original PlayStation 3 and Remastered PlayStation 4 Pro versions.

Dark Souls: Remastered will support a 4k resolution on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC, although the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will display upscaled-4k resolution while the PC version will be native PS4. Additionally, PS4 and Xbox One will display 1080p resolution at 60fps, while the Nintendo Switch version will support 1080p resolutions at 30fps when docked and 720p resolution at 30fps when in handheld mode.

Furthermore, Bandai Namco has provided a nice list of all the changes and additions made to the game’s online multiplayer, which you can read below:

  • Maximum number of players has increased from 4 to 6
  • The Dried Finger item will be needed to play with 6 players
  • Dried Finger has been moved from the Painted World of Ariamis level to the Undead Burg merchant to be obtainable earlier in the game. The Dried Finger location in the Painted World has been replaced with a Twin Humanities item.
  • Password Matchmaking is now available similar to Dark Souls III. When a player is summoned in Password Matchmaking the player level will be synced.
  • Now easier for friends to be matched with each other. When the guest player’s character level and weapon is higher than that of the host player, the level will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Healing items will not be available during PvP with the exception of Estus Flasks. To prevent long and drawn out battles, the number of Estus Flasks is halved for phantoms.
  • When a player defeats an invading phantom, their Estus Flask is restored.
  • Players can turn on/off global matchmaking
  • Players can now prevent matched Red Phantoms from seeing their “White Sign Soapstone” sign
  • Players can no longer summon ally phantoms consecutively when in combat with enemy phantoms.
  • In online play, players who are outside of the host’s parameter range will not be matched with each other (the players can still be matched via Password Matching.

Other new additions to multiplayer include an arena for 3v3 6-player deathmatch, with Password protected matching and random respawn points.

Lastly, players are now able to consume more than one item at a time using the bulk selection option, this option will also be available when selling items or consuming souls. Also, a Bonfire has been added next to Vamos the Blacksmith, and Covenants can be switched to Bonfires.

It should be noted that developer Virtuous is taking on the role of working on the Nintendo Switch Remaster project with From Software supervising, and QLOC is working on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions. Also, players will be able to configure the button layout.

In case you missed it, check out the full first dungeon of Dark Souls: RemasteredThose interested can pre-order Dark Souls: Remastered from Amazon on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

You can watch the comparison video below along with some screenshots to show closer detail:

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