Dark Vale Forges New Gaming Title

on June 16, 2012 1:00 AM

Gamers who enjoy mauling their fellow players in PVP environments will be pleased to hear the announcement of Forge by the independent company, Dark Vale Games. While MMOS with a large focus on PVP have been made before, Forge promises new avenues for the genre by creating an MMO that is entirely focused on PVP gameplay.

The plot of the game itself steers players against each other: a melovolent being known only as The Devourer has threatened the gods themselves by swallowing their Pantheon. Now trapped, the gods have turned to mortals to champion them in their escape. Every death these mortals suffer feeds the power of the gods, which in turn gets them closer and closer to their eventual freedom. Each god has its own set of champions, and each champion has a selection of five warrior classes to play. You can guess what your powers will be used for.

Accompanying Dark Vale Games in the development of Forge is SuperGenius and Digital Confectioners. Hopefully, this triumvirate of game developers will lead to an exciting new title as the months unfold.

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