Dark Void Demo Impressions

Dark Void Demo Impressions

Capcom and Airtight Games have released the Dark Void demo for Xbox Live players today (PS3 version tomorrow) and we here at DualShockers were anxious to get our hands on it. One level is available for play and you are thrown in to the mix from the get go. Whether this is the first level of the game is unknown at this time basically because the opening cut scene is short and your really not given any background whatsoever. The demo begins with you the main character finding the rocket backpack and taking it for a test run. You learn basic skills and manuevers while testing not only the weapons available but also learning to use them in combat. Basically it acts as a learning level so it may indeed be the first level of the game without the long opening scene that normally accompanies games.


Controls are basic and easy to use, enemies put up a minimal fight and picking up on the story wasn’t very difficult. Graphics are very clean and all around gameplay isn’t at all sluggish for a demo. I’m sure Capcom and Airtight have more work to do on the overall game, but the first look at Dark Void is positive and it is so far living up to the hype. The demo is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace and will be available tomorrow 1-7-10 for PS3 owners.

Developer: Airtight Games, Inc.

Publisher: Capcom Entertainment, Inc.

Genre: Action & Adventure, Racing & Flying, Shooter

Game Rating: T (Teen)