Darkest Dungeon -The Crimson Court DLC Brings The Fanatic Into the Fray

Darkest Dungeon -The Crimson Court DLC Brings The Fanatic Into the Fray

Red Hook Studios revealed the Fanatic, who will be a new “wandering boss” character in Darkest Dungeon – The Crimson Court, to Kill Screen today. The Fanatic is will attempt to hunt the player down if any of their character have contracted the Crimson Curse and enter a dungeon.

The Crimson Court DLC was teased back in October, and will release early next year. Chris Bourassa, creative director at Red Hook Studios, had the following to say about this new character:

“The community was quick to suggest this as well, but we at Red Hook always try to put a different spin on things, so we thought a great twist would be to introduce a vampire hunter, but have him be hunting you. The Fanatic will attempt to burn party members at the stake, improving his resilience by reading holy verses as the flames sear his victim. Damaging his pyre will fill the Fanatic with zealous rage, emboldening his attacks and imbuing his warhammer with holy light. So it’s a (literal) damned if you do, damned if you don’t encounter! I imagine him as having gone rogue from the church, hunting the Crimson Court anywhere he can find them. His scarred face gives the impression of having had a serious entanglement at some point in his past—perhaps that’s what finally drove him over the edge.”

DualShockers gave Darkest Dungeon a 10 in our review of the PS4 version, saying “If you are a fan of RPG’s and are yearning for something new, interesting, unique, and dark to play, look no further than Darkest Dungeon.” You can check out an image of The Fanatic below. Darkest Dungeon is currently available on PC, PS4, PS Vita, Mac, and Linux.