Darkest Dungeon PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Trophies Revealed

Darkest Dungeon PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Trophies Revealed

The trophy list for Darkest Dungeon has been revealed thanks to PSN Profiles. Both across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita players will be able to earn a total of fifty-three trophies, including the platinum, two gold, eight silver, and forty-two bronze.


Both gold trophies require you to complete the game once and then again on New Game+. Silver trophies are broken up between completing everything for certain features such as fully upgrading the town and completing all caretaker goals, as well as reaching certain milestones such as reaching week 104. Then the sea of bronze trophies are for one off accomplishments as well as reaching X of a certain gameplay feature such as killing 50 enemies with one hero or slaying a specific enemy. You can read the full trophy list below:


  • The Iron Crown: Collect all trophies


  • World End: Complete the game on NG+
  • Victory, such as it is…: Complete the game


  • Two years of this…: Reach week 104
  • Twisted and about to break: Complete a dungeon with all 4 heroes afflicted
  • Strict Mode: Complete the game with default difficulty options
  • Sentimental relics from our forefathers…: Acquire all your Ancestor’s Trinkets
  • Restored to its former glory…: Fully upgrade the Town
  • In such haste…: Complete the game within 99 Weeks
  • In Sheep’s Clothing: Defeat the Brigand Vvulf
  • Caretaker: Complete all Caretaker Goals


  • What is already Dead Cannot Die: Have a character survive 5 attacks at Death’s Door in a single combat
  • Welcome home…: Reach the Estate
  • Weeding out the weak…: Dismiss your first hero
  • We return to the worms of the earth…: Lose a hero to a Maggot
  • We all return to dust…: Lose a Legendary (Level 6) hero
  • Watch your step…: Lose a hero to a trap
  • Valiant sacrifice…: Lose all four heroes on a Darkest Dungeon quest
  • The tavern my Ancestor once saw…: Fully upgrade the Tavern
  • The stresses were unbearable…: Lose your first hero to heart attack
  • The price we pay for sanity…: Remove a Quirk in the Sanitarium
  • The first of many victories…: Complete a quest in the Ruins
  • The first of many has fallen…: Lose your first hero
  • The first evil to fall…: Slay your first boss
  • The end of the first year…: Reach week 52
  • The abbey my Ancestor once knew…: Fully upgrade the Abbey
  • That’ll do, pig…: Lose a hero to Wilbur
  • Our techniques sharpened to a razor’s edge…: Fully upgrade the Guild
  • Our equipment polished to a mirror finish…: Fully upgrade the Blacksmith
  • Only the finest equipment will endure this torment…: Fully upgrade a hero’s weapons and armor
  • Only masterful technique will suffice in battle…: Fully upgrade at least four of a hero’s skills
  • No retreat, no quarter…: First party wipe
  • More blood soaks the soil…: Party wipe on a boss
  • Lone survivor: Kill any boss with only one hero remaining
  • Like lambs to the slaughter…: Start a Darkest Dungeon quest with four heroes of resolve level 0
  • It takes more than brawn…: Learn a new Camping skill
  • I’ve seen every corner of this ruined land…: Complete a quest in all four regions
  • Gnawing hunger sets in…: Lose a hero to hunger
  • Encouragement…: Lock a positive Quirk in the Sanitarium
  • Discretion, my old friend…: Abandon a quest
  • Darkest sentinels…: Raise 4 heroes to Resolve Level 6
  • Blocked from life…: Lose a hero to an obstacle
  • And our training begins…: Upgrade a Combat skill
  • A true champion emerges…: Raise a hero to Resolve Level 6
  • A terrifying figure emerged from the darkness…: Slay a Shambler
  • A team of hardened veterans…: Start a quest with all four heroes of Resolve Level 6
  • A strenuous adventure comes to a close…: Complete a medium quest
  • A sobering visit with the departed…: Visit the Graveyard
  • A rumination, a prayer, and a confession…: Treat a hero in the Abbey
  • A killer of striking force and wit…: Kill 50 enemies with one hero
  • A grueling adventure comes to a close…: Complete a long quest
  • A drink, a hand, and a companion…: Treat a hero in the Tavern
  • A collection of treasured antiques…: Collect at least 30 heirlooms from a single quest