Darkest Dungeon Surpasses One Million Copies Sold, 94 Percent of Which Came From Steam

on November 3, 2016 1:38 PM

Following its recent launch on PS4 and PS Vita, Darkest Dungeon has now sold more than one million copies, Red Hook Studios announced today.

The news come from a blogpost where the developer broke down the sales of the game platform by platform.

As of right now, sales on Steam account for 94 percent of copies sold. Red Hook Studios cited the following as reasons for this:

  • Early Access was done only on Steam, and launched February 3, 2015. Sales were extremely strong right off the bat–we did over 50,000 copies in 24 hours, which definitely resulted in a lot of stunned faces around our office.
  • Full release for PC and Mac occurred on January 19, 2016 and brought the game also to GOG.
  • PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions only launched on September 27, 2016. Sales have been decent so far (approximately 50k copies worldwide), but the recent launch accounts for the reason why the platform only represents a tiny amount of our cumulative sales to date.
  • Crowdfunding was done via Kickstarter and Humble Widget and accounted for the first ~11k copies sold

The developer also revealed that the game has sold best in the United States, with the country contributing to 46.3 percent of its sales, which is 38 percent more than the next highest country: Germany.

Darkest DungeonLastly, Red Hook Studios also revealed that it is indeed going to be working on a “Game 2,” though production of said game hasn’t even started yet. Additionally, alongside releasing the game’s first DLC, The Crimson Court, Red Hook Studios is also exploring bringing the game to tablet devices, and adding Steam Workshop support.

Darkest Dungeon is currently available on PS4, PS Vita, and PC.

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