Darkestville Castle Launches on Steam with a Trailer Highlighting 'Old-School' Gameplay

Buka Entertainment and EPIC LLama announce the launch of point-and-click 2D adventure game Darkestville Castle along with a contest!

Point-and-click 2D adventure games don’t release every day, but today Buka Entertainment and EPIC LLama announced that their gift to old-school adventure lovers has hit a milestone. Darkestville Castle has released on Steam and a launch trailer has been provided to accompany the event.

In case you’ve missed it, Darkestville Castle tells the tale of Cid, a demon who loves to do the same thing any decent demon loves: playing practical jokes (sometimes of a fairly evil nature) on those of the most peaceful villages, and for Cid that village is Darkestville. However, on Cid’s most recent outing, he learns that his worst enemy has come to town with an elaborate plan for Cid’s downfall.

In addition to the news that Darkestville Castle has released on Steam, there’s currently an art contest in progress to document “the craziest demonic prank Cid ever played,” with very real cash prizes. For more information on the contest, you can visit the Darkestville Castle Steam Community page.

Darkestville Castle is now available for PC through Steam. For more information on the game, you can also visit its official website. Below you can also find the game’s launch trailer.

Not so long ago, Buka Entertainment and EPIC LLama released another trailer for the game, detailing just a bit of the dark humor that players can expect to find in Darkestville Castle.

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