Darksiders 2 Release Date Delayed, Is Now August 14th

on May 15, 2012 7:36 PM

Originally scheduled to ship next month, THQ clarified today that the game is set to release on August 14th. Brian Farrell, CEO, stated on Twitter that pre-orders are five times higher than the amount of the pre-orders made for the original installment in the same time period. THQ also stated that their marketing budget for Darksiders 2 is double that of the budget for its predecessor.

The financial figures must bring a smile to THQ’s face, knowing the amount of anticipation that is building for Darksiders 2. Delays aren’t always a bad thing, so long as it results in a better product. Patience is a virtue, while you may have to wait a little longer to control the Horseman Death, let’s hope THQ makes the most of the extra time they’re taking.

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