Darksiders Banned by UAE

on January 7, 2010 2:41 PM

Darksiders. A game which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world permeated with a demonic institution of satanic brutes and heavenly angelic warriors who wage war against one another. In the midst of this biblical battle, and trying to restore balance to the earth, is one of the four Horsemen: War – a hooded and mysterious man who packs more metal than a tank, and, ironically, kicks just as much ass as one.

As appealing as the game sounds, and is, some folks just can’t stand to take in the air of awesomeness that this game lets out. Joining in the recent ongoing frenzy of banning is the United Arab Emirates. The reason? It’s probably the whole thing about not wanting to be apart of anything that “contradicts with UAE’s customs and traditions,” but I call bullcrap. I’m leaning more toward the reasoning that being that it has some sort of Christian backstory, they want nothing to do with it (as with God of War).

Well, too bad for them, I say. Do I feel bad? Hell no. Why? Because I know for a fact that even though those poor bastards won’t have them on their retail shelves, they’ll sure as hell pirate the hell out of them. I bet your sweet ass that if the game was Prince of Persia those damn bastards would be on it like stink on doo-doo. To each his own, my friends. To each his own. It’s just too bad that they won’t be able to experience the mass raping that War does with his gargantuan spiked steel-enveloped left hand.

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