Darksiders Genesis Will Take Players 15 Hours to Complete

In a report from Escapist Magazine, Darksiders Genesis will take players 15 hours to complete.

“It’s a very arcadey Darksiders experience,” says Ryan Stefanelli, Darksiders co-creator and President of developer Airship Syndicate. “When we were thinking about how we want to approach what we show the players versus what we tell the player, we thought it would make it a more interesting experience to tell the players exactly what they failed to acquire so they know, ‘I have to go back and find this chest and some Boatman Coins and I’m missing an ammo type.'”

Darksiders Genesis will feature 11 stages with five boss battles, each of which can be replayed. Originally, the game was going to be 10 hours long but that number grew as development went on. In Escapist Magazine’s cover story for the game, they say the team at Airship Syndicate started at nine people on the team and has grown to over 30 people. Additionally, the story in Darksiders Genesis will be lighter and feature more humor than previous games in the series.

“We reward exploration,” says Steve Madureira, design director at Airship Syndicate. “A lot of things are hidden throughout. Secrets, puzzles. The structure of the game is mission-based, so you can replay a mission and look for the stuff you missed the first time.”

Darksiders Genesis was announced back at E3 2019 and it’s a top-down Diablo-esque spin-off. The Darksiders franchise started back in 2010 and three mainline games have been released in the series, with Darksiders III having released in November 2018.

Darksiders Genesis launches on PC and Google Stadia on December 5. As for the console versions, it’ll release on February 14, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you’re interested in checking the game out, you can watch the game’s latest trailer below.

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