Darksiders II Gets "Crucible" Challenge Mode, New Game+ Confirmed

THQ today announced that Darksiders II will have a 100-level arena mode called “The Crucible”, where the strongest warriors “can test their abilities” by challenging waves of enemies to earn legendary-level loot. The whole challenge will not be available immediately, only the first 25 levels will be available at the start of the game. Extra levels will be unlocked as you progress through the main storyline. Each available level will feature enemies that death has already encountered from the game’s 4 main zones, including mini-bosses and at least one full boss.

After each fifth wave is defeated, Death will have the option to cash in on the randomly generated loot, or move on to even harder challenges.There are also loot pools that include special legendary items, including Death’s Ultimate Armor. The ultimate loot pools will be provided for getting through certain crucible levels, defeating the 100th wave, and getting through all 100 levels in one sitting. Completing the crucible will also unlock the “Death’s Mask Avatar” award for XBLA and PSN.

Lastly, THQ confirmed that Darksiders II will a New Game+ mode, where a player can carry over Death’s experience, levels and loot into a more challenging mode. Darksiders 2 hits shelves next Tuesday, and is available for Xbox, PS3 and PC via participating retailers. The game is shaping up into something epic.

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