DarkSiders New Box Art and Release Date

on October 20, 2009 10:35 AM

With a barrage of action games just around the corner, I’m thinking of just how broke I’m going to be. Food will be scarce along with all the other necessities I need to stay sane and survive –  all this is due to games like Darksiders coming up. Whatever. I’m for starving for two to three weeks with just a supply of water and Slim Jims. That’s the sacrifice I’m willing to make in order to cater to my habit. A stupid sacrifice, but one nonetheless.

However, Darksiders is probably the game I’m interested the most, though. With the badass member of the four horsemen – and protagonist – War wielding that gargantuan sword and introducing it to the wombs of the undead, there’s nothing that will satisfy my habit like this game; and I can say this because I’ve gotten some hands-on time (which I will provide in a bit) with this gem. Rather than going out on the morning of New Years day and getting my game, I’ll have to wait four more days. Only makes sense, I think, to release a game then. I mean, who the fuck is going to go on New Year’s day after a hangover to pick up a game? Exactly.

Darksiders was pushed back from its January 1 release date to a new January 5 launch (January 7th for you Europeans). With its new release, new boxart will accompany it. And boy does it look sex-ay.


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