DarkSiders Sequels Confirmed By Joe Madureira

DarkSiders Sequels Confirmed By Joe Madureira

In a recent interview with comic book artist, and co-founder of Vigil Games, Joe Madureira, he revealed to us that sequels are being planned for their upcoming title Darksiders. In the interview, Madureira also expressed plans for future Darksiders games to incorporate four-player co-op using the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and shutting down any rumors going around of the upcoming title having any multiplayer options.

Obviously it’s coming, man. If we get to make a sequel we’re definitely gonna push that. I mean, honestly, we wanted to have all four playable in the first one; it was just way too big, we were biting off a lot. We’re a small studio, you know, just starting up. Four player co-op with the four horsemen, come on, obviously, we gotta do it at some point… Laughs and there is no multiplayer. It’s just a single-player adventure.


For you PC fans wondering if this game is headed to your platform, Mad states that “a PC version will drop at some point,” stating that a demo might be released a couple of months after the initial console release January 2010. So it looks like everyone but the Wii is getting a piece of Darksiders pie.

This is Vigil Games’ first game and, after playing it, can say that it definitely is pretty well-rounded in the areas that it takes hold of. A lot of people will compare it to God of War and Devil May Cry in terms of gameplay and style, but it has its own unique perks that does set it aside from these gargantuan titles. After getting some hand-on time with this game, I will definitely say that it should pursue the road of sequels. I mean, what better way to introduce and play as these horsemen than to give them, each, their own individual game. Wouldn’t be fair that War [the protagonist] got one, right?