Data Mining Hints At What Could Be The Next Mass Effect 3 DLC

September 23, 2012

So, if you remember, BioWare said that the future of DLC in Mass Effect 3 would rest on Leviathan’s sales, and it seems to be selling well. Despite complaints over the endings, people still want more out of the Mass Effect series apparently. It seems that a data miner has uncovered a lead into what could be the next singleplayer DLC.

Omega, the outlaw space station from Mass Effect 2 has fallen into the hands of Cerberus. We already know this because Aria T’loak, the stations former overlord is hanging out in a Citadel bar. Her purpose ingame currently is to give Sheppard a mission to unite the mercenary factions, but she also mentions Omega.

It seems that BioWare originally intended there to be a mission back to Omega to try and wrest it from Cerberus control, but it was cut due to time constraints. While there’s no hard proof that BioWare will follow up on this loose thread, it does seem logical. Leviathan wasn’t cut content, but this might be low hanging fruit for the developer to go back to. After all, this sort of thing is why DLCs were originally sold, not for an extra launch day buck.

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