[Updated] Date A Live Ren Dystopia for PS4 Fully Revealed by Compile Heart

Date A Live Lotus Dystopia for PlayStation 4 was revealed as the fourth visual novel adaptation of the series by Compile Heart.

January 20, 2019

The next Date A Live game adaptation by Compile Heart, Date A Live Ren Dystopia, has been revealed following a leak, most probably from Degenki PlayStation 672 releasing on January 28. Date A Live Ren Dystopia will launch in Japan for PS4 in Summer 2019. A Limited Edition will be released too, with a cover by Tsunako, a Drama CD and a “special book”. Pre-ordered copies will include another Drama CD.

Date A Live Ren Dystopia follows Date A Live: Rinne Utopia, Date A Live: Ars Install and Date A Live Rio: Rio Reincarnation. Just like these games, it’s a visual novel, written by Koushi Tachibana and with designs by Tsunako, the author and illustrator for the original DAL novel. Just like with the past games, it’s adding a brand new character, a Spirit named Ren, which protagonist Shido and the players will be able to date.


In a related note, back when Tsunako announced she’s going freelance, she wrote on her blog that she can’t answer questions regarding her job on Date A Live’s franchise and that such questions should be addressed to Fantasia Bunko, the novel’s publisher. As far as I know, there wasn’t any official announced yet, but seeing this new game exists, there’s a high chance she’ll keep handling the illustrations for the final volumes of the novel.

Date A Live is a very popular series, with another anime adaptation currently airing. The number of adaptations for it might reduce in the following years though, as seeing how the story is going, the original novel should end this year with volume 20 or at most volume 21, and thus there won’t be new volumes to promote anymore. This is just my guess but Date A Live Ren Dystopia is probably the final game of this kind by Compile Heart.

Date A Live Ren Dystopia was first announced without its name back in October 2018 for a 2019 release. This time, along with new Spirit Ren and the usual girls Tohka and co, the game will also feature Natsumi.

Date A Live Ren Dystopia might get localized one day, as Date A Live Rio Reincarnation will be releasing in Summer 2019 in the west on PS4 and Steam. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can read a quick overview of the franchise in our article covering that announcement. Rio Reincarnation contains the first two games as well so it’s quite a good deal. 2 CGs will also be censored in PlayStation 4 western version of Rio Reincarnation, but you shouldn’t expect this to be the case for every single game on PlayStation and constantly worry about it as many other games are releasing fine.

Update: Compile Heart opened up the game’s official site and published a new key visual. The site has a characters page too but Ren’s voice actress and profile are still unknown. I also corrected the game’s name from Date A Live Lotus Dystopia to Date A Live Ren Dystopia.

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