Date A Live Ren Dystopia Showcases Its Heroines, Opening, Limited Edition, Preorder Goods

Date A Live Ren Dystopia looks like a pretty good PS4 investment for anyone into the franchise with a clock girl voiced by Dejiko as its best character.

August 10, 2020

Compile Heart revealed the opening animation sequence for Date A Live Ren Dystopia, along with new gameplay. Ren Dsytopia is an ADV like all the Date A Live games so far, so the gameplay is actually reading. That’s perfectly fine in my book and I’m sure you’re into that too if you clicked on this article in the first place.

The gameplay sequence shows our protagonist Shido waking up and getting teased by Natsumi in her adult form, only wearing underwear. After the typical romcom cliche morning scene, we get to see some of the other girls hanging out at Shido’s house. The game will be fully voiced except for Shido, as it’s often the case in Galge like these.


Date A Live Ren Dystopia includes ten Heroines you can romance: Tohka Yatogami (Voiced by Marina Inoue), Origami Tobiichi (Misuzu Togashi), Yoshino (Iori Nomizu), Kurumi Tokisaki (Asami Sanada), Kotori Itsuka (Ayana Taketatsu), Kaguya Yamai (Maaya Uchida), Yuzuru Yamai (Sarah Emi Bridcutt), Miku Izayoi (Minori Chihara), and Natsumi Kyouno (Ayumi Mano). To all these Heroines we add Ren (Rie Takahashi), the new original character of Ren Dystopia.

The opening animation sequence also introduces the characters, showcasing some of the game’s CG events. As usual when it comes to ADV games, it’s not much of an “animation” sequence though and more like a slideshow. You should be used to it.

The opening theme song is titled Kangen Yuuwaku Receptor, sung by Iori Nomizu (Yoshino’s seiyuu).

Date A Live Ren Dystopia OP, Gameplay

Date A Live is originally a Light Novel written by Koushi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako, published from March 2011 to March 2020. It features a world plagued by disasters known as Spirits, girls from another dimension who end up causing gigantic-scale explosions. The only way to stop them is protagonist Shido Itsuka, who can seal their powers by dating them and making them fall for him. It’s a pretty interesting and original mix of romcom and politics, fantasy and mecha musume sci-fi, heartwarming and dread. DAL is definitely one of the best harem franchises of the 2010s.

Date A Live already got multiple anime adaptations, and while the original novel ended, a spin-off focusing on Kurumi is ongoing, titled Date A Live Fragmant: Date A Bullet. These novels are getting two anime movies adaptations: the first one, Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet, is scheduled to launch this week in Japan, on August 14. The second one, Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen, will be releasing in Japanese theaters on November 13, 2020.

Koushi Tachibana is also working on Fantasia Rebuild, a crossover mobile game scheduled for 2020, featuring characters from novels published by Fantasia Bunko. From Full Metal Panic and Slayers to High School DxD and Hitsugi no Chaika.

Date A Live Ren Dystopia will be launching on September 24 in Japan, exclusively on PS4.  You can read much more on the game and the franchise with our past coverage. When revealing Ren Dystopia‘s release date, Compile Heart also teased it’s working on at least one PS5 game.

The game’s Limited Edition and the shop specific preorder bonus samples are included in the gallery below. You can check which shop has which goods on the official site if you’re planning to import.

All previous Date A Live games have been localized on PS4 and Steam through the localization of Date A Live Rio Reincarnation. That was the third game in the series, which also included remasters of the first two. As such, Idea Factory International should probably announce a localization for Date A Live Ren Dystopia in the future. We’ll keep you updated.

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