Date A Live Ren Dystopia's Girls Showcased in First Teaser Trailer

Compile Heart published the first teaser trailer for Date A Live Ren Dystopia, delivering cryptic words about new Spirit girl Ren.

Compile Heart and Sting published a new trailer for Date A Live Ren Dystopia, revealing the game’s story pitch and the usual girls of Date A Live, along with new girl Ren. We still don’t know anything about her besides the cryptic lines from the trailer and how she’s a new Spirit barging into protagonist Shido’s life. Ren’s seiyuu wasn’t revealed yet either.

The song playing during the trailer is Date A Live Ren Dystopia‘s opening song, Kangen Yuuwaku Receptor, sung by Sweet ARMS, who also sung all of the anime’s opening themes.

Here’s what the trailer says:
Shido was enjoying life with the girls as always.
But that night, he had a strange dream, a voice coming from the darkness.
The next morning, he woke up with a strange snake-decorated box next to him.
Thinking it might be a prank from one of the girls, he decided to ask them about it. But when he opened the box…
What is your wish?
The first game in the series including both Natsumi and Origami’s Spirit Form.
And Ren, the mysterious Spirit who appears before Shido and the girls.
In exchange for your very own existence, a world of freedom will be bestowed upon you.

Judging from the text, Ren’s gimmick as a Spirit is probably granting wishes at the cost of the user’s life or something.

All three previous Date A Live games will be coming west in Summer 2019 through the localization of Date A Live Rio Reincarnation. While it is the third visual novel adaptation of the series by Compile Heart, it also contains remakes of the first two games.

Date A Live Rio Reincarnation will be releasing in Summer 2019 in the west on PS4 and Steam. If you’re unfamiliar with Date A Live, I made a quick explanation of the series in the article covering that announcement.

As someone who enjoys DAL I’m looking forward to what Ren Dystopia will bring to the table, especially as it might be the final visual novel of the sort, seeing the original novel should be ending soon. You should take this with a grain of salt though.

Since Date a Live Ren Dystopia‘s announcement in January, Compile Heart also added some screenshots on the game’s official website. You can find them below along with the teaser trailer.

Date A Live Ren Dystopia launches in Summer 2019 in Japan on PS4.

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