Daughtry Jams Onto Rock Band

Daughtry Jams Onto Rock Band

Harmonix has announced that music from Chris Daughtry and his rock band Daughtry will be hitting Rock Band on July 10th.

“Daughtry Pack 01” will include the songs “It’s Not Over”, “No Surprise”, and  “Crawling Back to You”. Each of these songs will also be available for download separately from the pack. The songs “No Surprise” and “Crawling Back to You” will have support for keyboards with “No Surprise” also supporting the Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansion.


“Daughtry Pack 01” will retail for $5.94 USD/ 440 Microsoft Points/ 550 Wii Points. Each song will retail for $1.99 USD/ 160 Microsoft Points/ 200 Wii Points with Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade for $0.99 USD/ 80 Microsoft Points/ 100 Wii Points.

Fans of Daughtry will not want to miss this pack when it is released in the Rock Band Music Store for Rock Band 3 and the upcoming Rock Band Blitz.