Dauntless Enters its Open Beta Phase Next Month

Dauntless Enters its Open Beta Phase Next Month

Dauntless will be entering its next major phase of development when it finally goes into open beta in late May.

Those who have been delaying themselves from jumping into Phoenix Labs’ co-op action RPG Dauntless have likely been waiting for the game to enter its next major phase, which would be that of an open beta. Now, we finally know when Dauntless will transition into this stage and it’s sooner than you might expect.

Phoenix Labs announced today that Dauntless will enter open beta worldwide next month on May 24. Dauntless has been in closed beta since September 2017 and has seen over 100,000 players jump into the game’s world during that span. Of that number, over 75,000 of those players purchased one of the game’s Founder’s Packs, a program which is now officially ending upon the advent of this new open beta.

Entering open beta marks the next chapter of what Phoenix Labs is considering a four-year development journey with Dauntless. Allowing anyone and everyone to now openly gain access to Dauntless will further help Phoenix Labs to improve and expand upon the core game that they have created up until this point.

Jesse Houston, CEO and co-founder of Phoenix Labs stated of this transition, “As we close in on our next phase of this adventure, we thank our passionate community that has been with us from day-one, providing feedback and helping craft the experience into what it is today. It has been an honor to create Dauntless together with you!”

If you’re still unfamiliar with Dauntless yourself, then be sure to check out our video preview of the game from last year featuring some of the developers from the game. We’ll also be uploading some new Dauntless gameplay footage from PAX East onto our YouTube channel this week, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned.

Duantless is currently available for play exclusively for PC.