Dauntless Founder's Alpha Available Now

Dauntless, the free-to-play monster-slaying mmo, has entered its Founder's Alpha, allowing players who have purchased access the chance to play the game with always-on servers in the lead-up to the closed beta.

August 19, 2017

The increasingly popular free-to-play MMO Dauntless entered its Founder’s alpha yesterday, granting early access to those who have supported the game ahead of its September 1 closed beta. To gain access today, players must purchase the game’s Founder Tier Pack to see what being a slayer is like, and what behemoths you can take down.

The recent tech alpha, which DualShockers got the chance to play and preview, saw more than 20,000 slayers take down almost 250,000 behemoths. This alpha was a chance for the developer, Pheonix Labs, to utilize timed servers and player data to begin the final few stages of polish before the game’s launch. Today, players have access to always-on servers, meaning constant access to The Shattered Isles, day or night.


To spread the love, and the hunt, players who take part in the Founder’s alpha will be able to invite friends and family into the closed beta phase directly. The studio is constantly adapting and working on the behemoths that players will face, ensuring that they are a challenge not only to the community, but to the developers themselves.

Dauntless will enter its closed beta on September 1, and will be available and free-to-play on PC in 2017. You can, once again, check out out preview of the game here, as well as the developer’s reaction to Monster Hunter: World here.

Noah Buttner

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