Dauntless Is Launching for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 21

Dauntless Is Launching for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 21

Players on console will finally be able to jump into Dauntless for the first time.

Developer Phoneix Labs has announced that their free-to-play action-hunting title Dauntless will officially launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store on May 21 A brand new Hunt Pass will coincide with the game’s official launch across all of the platforms mentioned above.

Some quality of life improvements will be available once the game launches on Xbox One and PS4; many of these improvements can already be seen in the PC’s open beta. First and foremost, the campaign will see a huge overhaul. Additionally, the screen that appears at the end of hunts has been improved to give players more data including progress made in various Mastery cards, quest rewards, Behemoth break parts earned, and more.

The Mastery system makes it easier to track your progress throughout the game. Along with tracking your progress with weapon-types and Behemoths, you’ll gain a slew of new rewards for simply playing the game how you like.

Players jumping into Dauntless for the first time can grab the Arcslayer Pack, which includes a mech-inspired armor set as well as some of the game’s premium currency and starting consumables. It’s also worth mentioning that for players on the PC’s open beta, this will be your last chance to grab any of the Ramsguard Supporter Packs via the in-game store.

Once Dauntless arrives, it’ll be officially moved onto the Epic Games Store on PC. Console players will be able to sign into their Epic Games account so that they may carry over progress from other platforms which is always a nice bonus.

For more on Dauntless, you can check out my latest preview of the game. A Nintendo Switch and mobile version of Dauntless are in development, they’ll be shown off in greater detail at a later date.