Dauntless Reforged Puts Players Right Into the Thick of the Hunt

Dauntless Reforged Puts Players Right Into the Thick of the Hunt

Dauntless Reforged brings tons of new updates to Phoenix Labs' action RPG. Better progression, open-world gameplay, and more make it an attractive package.

The Dauntless Reforged update is almost here. Recently, I was able to sit down with a few of the devs over at Phoneix Labs to try out some of the changes. While not a battle-tested Slayer myself, it was a delight to hop in with some experts and get the lowdown on some of the bigger changes. Before we get into though, it’s worth checking out the new trailer to get a better idea of what to expect. Give it a look below.

Again, I’m essentially a Dauntless baby, so some of the finer points of the Reforged update are still lost on me. However, even as a newer player, I think Reforged does quite a bit to make the game more fun. For example, the new Hunting Grounds are a joy. In my early time with the game pre-Reforged, I felt like I was being pulled out of gameplay a bit too often for my liking. That changes with the big update.

Instead, you select an island and can just hunt Behemoths to your heart’s content. This keeps you in the action and gives the team more opportunities to source fun content to the players. The devs carried me through a very intense Island Event that saw us facing off against several high-tier enemies.

The fight was brutal. Obviously, veteran players will probably handle it better than I did, but it really felt like a worthy challenge. And, of course, there were buckets of loot waiting for us when we finally bested the beasties.


Speaking of loot, the team is giving players a fun, new tool to get around the world. You probably noticed it in the trailer above, but that glider is awesome. I’ve always thought Dauntless looked gorgeous, and getting to peacefully explore the world from the air was great.

Those beautiful landscapes are only looking better. Again, you can see it in the trailer above, but there’s an island that has a constantly spinning tornado-like storm that is breathtaking. I audibly gasped when we loaded into the world. It’s really rad.

Of course, there are other changes coming that veteran players will probably love. Phoenix Labs is doing a big refresh on Dauntless‘ progression system. As a new player, it was a bit overwhelming; however, I think as I play through the live version, I’ll likely get with it quickly.


And that’s probably the most important thing I can say about the whole experience. Dauntless Reforged seems like an excellent jumping-on point for new players, and I might be one of them. During my short time with the new update, the game is something I can see myself getting dangerously into. The focus on open-world gameplay and its exceptional visual style have me very exciting to see if this can be the next live service game I get myself hooked on.

Dauntless is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Reforged update hits on December 3, so get ready to enter the Hunting Grounds soon.