Check Out The Shattered Isles in the New Intro Cinematic for Dauntless

Check Out The Shattered Isles in the New Intro Cinematic for Dauntless

A new intro cinematic for Dauntless shows off a new band of Slayers in the Shattered Isles just two days before its free-to-play open beta.

Just two days shy of entering its open beta, Dauntless now has an intro cinematic for everyone’s pleasure. The video offers players a view into the story of the game and its inner world, also known as the Shattered Isles. We can see the land of floating islands, airships, and even some foreshadowing of the terrifying Behemoths all packed into a coming-of-age experience for a band of new Slayers.

Slayers are hunters of behemoths, large grotesque creatures that have set an expiration date for humanity. Players create their Slayer and join other players in tracking down various types of Behemoths in many co-op battles. You can also craft new items from acquired loot and use them to battle bigger and deadlier monsters for more shiny treasures.

If you missed out on the closed beta for Dauntless, the free-to-play open beta will start on May 24. Players can sign up now at the official Dauntless website should they have the lust for Behemoth blood, or maybe even looking for that new co-op gaming experience.

Dauntless will officially release sometime later this year on PC and has support for basic controllers and mouse/keyboard setups. Obviously check out the visuals below for the cool new visuals and cinematic presentation: